Rolf Sprengel also participates as lecturer in the MSc program for Molecular Bioscience (major; Neuroscience) of Heidelberg and supervises several different laboratory rotations for students of the MSc program for Molecular Bioscience and Molecular Biotechnology. He also supervises practical research semesters of bachelor and master students from the Hochschule Mannheim (University of Applied Sciences) and is an examiner for Bachelor applicants for Molecular Biotechnology at the Heidelberg University (see previous students of the Spengel group)

Rolf Sprengel participates as lecturer in the annual training course for ‘Working with experimental  animals’ at the German Cancer Research Center.  He is an examiner for Molecular Biotechnology and Neuroscience PhD and Master students at the combined faculty for Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the Heidelberg University. Rolf Sprengel is an active faculty member of Hoffmann-Berling International Graduate School (HBIGS) and is therefore an examiner for PhD applicants for the HBIGS scholars.

He supervised more than 60 Bachelor-, Master-, Diploma, PhD and MD students. (See files below)

Students at the lab of Rolf Sprengel.

Further information on the teaching activities

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