4th Ringberg Symposium on Giant Virus Biology

4th Ringberg Symposium on Giant Virus Biology

17-20 November 2019 at Castle Ringberg near Tegernsee, Germany

November 17, 2019

After three successful symposia in 2013, 2015, and 2017, we are happy to announce the 4th Ringberg Symposium on Giant Virus Biology. This biennial international scientific gathering is a platform to discuss the genetics, structure, biochemistry, ecology, and evolution of extremely large DNA viruses.

The Symposium will be held from 17 to 20 November 2019 at Ringberg Castle near Tegernsee, Germany, in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps (http://www.schloss-ringberg.mpg.de/home). The meeting starts on Sunday at 3 pm with coffee and cake, and finishes on Wednesday at noon. If you cannot arrive timely on Sunday afternoon, we suggest that you stay in a hotel in Munich or Tegernsee for Saturday night. Please see the travel instructions for further details. For those participants staying at Ringberg Castle, the conference fee of ~380 Euros covers meals and accommodation and can be paid by credit card at the end of the meeting. The conference fee for people staying at a hotel in Tegernsee is ~168 Euros and includes lunch and dinner at Ringberg Castle. Discounts apply to participants from Max Planck institutes. Travel support may be available upon request.

Due to the limited capacity of our conference venue, participation in the Symposium is by invitation only.

A detailed program will be available once registration is completed, but we can already reveal that Vincent Racaniello & friends will record a podium discussion for the podcast This Week in Virology on Monday night!

On Tuesday night, we will have a virus-themed Open Mic, where everyone can present his/her favorite song, musical piece (a piano is present), dance, poem, limerick, haiku, artwork or game to a geeky audience. Whether self-composed or copied, solo or in teams, funny or serious, the only rule is that it must be on a virus-related topic. We look forward to your contributions!

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