Protein Cristallography (XDS)

X-ray Detector Software for processing single-crystal monochromatic diffraction data recorded by the rotation method.

For a description of the package, including references, visit xds_doc. XDS can process data images from CCD-, imaging-plate, and multiwire-detectors in a variety of formats. Detector specific Input file templates greatly simplify the use of XDS; they are provided as part of the documentation.

XDS runs under a Unix or Linux operating system controlling a cluster of independent servers of the same type. Each server may comprise several processors that share the same address space. The user can easily tailor XDS to the capabilities of the hardware (notebook or main frame) by specifying two input parameters that cause XDS to distribute balanced pieces of the work to up to 99 nodes of the cluster, each work piece for parallel execution by up to 32 cpu's.

XDS is free of charge for non-commercial applications and available here for downloading. Note, that the executables of the package will expire on June 30, 2006. For industrial usage of XDS a license is required.

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