Zamir, Eli

Zamir, Eli

Scientific Staff

Main Focus

Systemic and synthetic biology of cell adhesion 

Self-organization of molecules and cells is the key process underlying life. Cell adhesion manifests this, as intra-cellular protein networks give rise to dynamic adhesion sites that mediate self-organization of cells into functional tissues. I am interested in the engineering principles that enable these complex processes. For this, I combine reverse-engineering approaches in native cells with bottom-up reconstruction of cell adhesion in synthetic cells.

Selected publications

  • Zamir, E., Frey, C., Weiss, M., Antona, S., Frohnmayer, J.P., Janiesch, J.W., Platzman, I., and Spatz, J.P. (2017). Reconceptualizing Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy for Monitoring and Analyzing Periodically Passing Objects. Anal Chem 89, 11672-11678.
  • Zamir, E. (2016). Integrative systems and synthetic biology of cell-matrix adhesion sites. Cell Adh Migr 10, 451-460.
  • Grecco, H.E., Imtiaz, S., and Zamir, E. (2016). Multiplexed imaging of intracellular protein networks. Cytometry A 89, 761-775.
  • Harizanova, J., Fermin, Y., Malik-Sheriff, R.S., Wieczorek, J., Ickstadt, K., Grecco, H.E., and Zamir, E. (2016). Highly Multiplexed Imaging Uncovers Changes in Compositional Noise within Assembling Focal Adhesions. PLoS One 11, e0160591.
  • Hoffmann, J.E., Fermin, Y., Stricker, R.L., Ickstadt, K., and Zamir, E. (2014). Symmetric exchange of multi-protein building blocks between stationary focal adhesions and the cytosol. Elife 3, e02257.
  • Zamir, E., and Bastiaens, P.I. (2008). Reverse engineering intracellular biochemical networks. Nat Chem Biol 4, 643-647.
  • Zamir, E., Lommerse, P.H., Kinkhabwala, A., Grecco, H.E., and Bastiaens, P.I. (2010). Fluorescence fluctuations of quantum-dot sensors capture intracellular protein interaction dynamics. Nat Methods 7, 295-298.
  • Zamir, E., Geiger, B., and Kam, Z. (2008). Quantitative multicolor compositional imaging resolves molecular domains in cell-matrix adhesions. PLoS One 3, e1901.
  • Zamir, E., and Geiger, B. (2001). Molecular complexity and dynamics of cell-matrix adhesions. J Cell Sci 114, 3583-3590.
  • Zamir, E., Katz, M., Posen, Y., Erez, N., Yamada, K.M., Katz, B.Z., Lin, S., Lin, D.C., Bershadsky, A., Kam, Z., et al. (2000). Dynamics and segregation of cell-matrix adhesions in cultured fibroblasts. Nat Cell Biol 2, 191-196.
  • Zamir, E., Katz, B.Z., Aota, S., Yamada, K.M., Geiger, B., and Kam, Z. (1999). Molecular diversity of cell-matrix adhesions. J Cell Sci 112 ( Pt 11), 1655-1669.

Extra information

Eli Zamir is one of the project leaders for the Spectroscopy Technologies project group

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