Publications of Maria Isakov

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Journal Article
Goody, R. S.; Isakov, M.: Simple synthesis and separation of the diastereomers of α-thio analogs of ribo- and deoxyribo- di- and triphosphates. Tetrahedron Letters 27 (31), pp. 3599 - 3602 (1986)
Journal Article
Rösch, P.; Goody, R. S.; Isakov, M.: The influence of metal ion complexation on 31P-NMR parameters of phosphorothioates of guanosine nucleotides. Phosphorus Sulfur and Silicon and the Related Elements, pp. 9 - 16 (1984)
Journal Article
Feldhaus, P.; Fröhlich, T.; Goody, R. S.; Isakov, M.; Schirmer, R. H.: Synthetic inhibitors of adenylate kinases in the assays for ATPases and phosphokinases. European Journal of Biochemistry 57 (1), pp. 197 - 204 (1975)
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