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Ngo, H.; Harris, R.; Kimmich, N.; Casino, P.; Niks, D.; Blumenstein, L.; Barends, T.; Kulik, V.; Weyand, M.; Schlichting, I. et al.; Dunn, M. F.: Synthesis and characterization of allosteric probes of substrate channeling in the tryptophan synthase bienzyme complex. Biochemistry 46 (26), S. 7713 - 7727 (2007)
Ngo, H.; Kimmich, N.; Harris, R.; Niks, D.; Blumenstein, L.; Kulik, V.; Barends, T.; Schlichting, I.; Dunn, M. F.: Allosteric regulation of substrate channeling in tryptophan synthase: modulation of the L-serine reaction in stage I of the beta-reaction by alpha-site ligands. Biochemistry 46 (26), S. 7740 - 7753 (2007)
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