Micro Nano and Molecular Systems

Micro Nano and Molecular Systems

Research Group Leader: Peer Fischer

August 10, 2022

Our group has broad interests in the interaction of optical, electric, and magnetic fields with matter at small length scales. We work on new 3-D fabrication methods, self-assembly, actuation, and propulsion.

We have observed a number of fundamental effects and are developing new experimental techniques and instruments and our current focus is on the following research projects :

  • Ultrasound for cell assembly and biophysics: We have invented a new approach to generate ultrasound fields with orders of magnitude higher complexity than what has been possible to date. We are working on our acoustic hologram methods to assemble cells in 3D, organoids, and to explore the physical basis for the interaction of ultrasound with cells.
  • Nanopropellers and gene delivery: There is intense interest to develop nano-vehicles that can actively move through tissue and precisely deliver therapeutic agents or genetic material to a targeted region. We use micro- and nanopropellers – pioneered in our lab – to study the microstructure of tissues, as well as the forces that are required to penetrate them.
  • Chemical motors and nanoswimmers: Biological microorganisms can actively propel through complex media and even efficiently penetrate biological barriers like the skin. It is thus interesting to ask what the smallest artificial micro- or nano-swimmers are and if they could be used for the active transport, e.g. targeted delivery of therapeutics?

Our group is also part of the Institute for Molecular Systems Engineering and Advanced Materials at Heidelberg University. For more info on additional research topics and the latest updates please also see (Fischer Group).

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