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Schrecker, O.; Stein, R.; Hengstenberg, W.; Gassner, M. K.; Stehlik, D.: The staphylococcal PEP dependent phosphotransferase system, proton magnetic resonance (PMR) studies on the phosphoryl carrier protein HPr: Evidence for a phosphohistidine residue in the intact phospho-HPr molecule. FEBS Letters 51 (1-2), S. 309 - 312 (1975)
Stein, R.; Schrecker, O.; Lauppe, H.-F.; Hengstenberg, H.: The staphylococcal pep dependent phosphotransferase system: Demonstration of a phosphorylated intermediate of the enzyme 1 component. FEBS Letters 42 (1), S. 98 - 100 (1974)
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