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Agostini, B.; Nitsch, R.; Döbler, A.; Hasselbach, W.: Independence from neutral control of the thyroxine induced slow- to fast-twitch muscle transformation of sarcoplasmic reticulum. European Journal of Cell Biology. Supplement 43 (S17), S. 3 - 3 (1987)

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Agostini, B.; Nitsch, R.; Döbler, A.; Terracciano, L.; Ritter, K.; Hasselbach, W.: Thyroxine alters kinetic and immunochemical properties of the calcium transport ATPase of soleus muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum independendently from the nerve supply. In: Sarcomeric and non sarcomeric muscles: basic and applied research prospects for the 90's, S. 607 - 612 (Hg. Carraro, U.). Unipress Padova, Padova (1988)
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