Publikationen von Frédéric Chevessier

Zeitschriftenartikel (4)

Witzemann, V.; Chevessier, F.; Pacifici, P. G.; Yampolsky, P.: The neuromuscular junction: Selective remodeling of synaptic regulators at the nerve/muscle interface. Mechanisms of Development 130 (6-8), S. 402 - 411 (2013)
Chevessier, F.; Peter, C.; Mersdorf, U.; Girard, E.; Krejci, E.; McArdle, J. J.; Witzemann, V.: A new mouse model for the slow-channel congenital myasthenic syndrome induced by the AChR εL221F mutation. Neurobiology of Disease 45 (3), S. 851 - 861 (2012)
Huzé, C.; Bauché, S.; Richard, P.; Chevessier, F.; Goillot, E.; Gaudon, K.; Ammar, A. B.; Chaboud, A.; Grosjean, I.; Lecuyer, H.-A. et al.; Bernard, V.; Rouche, A.; Alexandri, N.; Kuntzer, T.; Fardeau, M.; Fournier, E.; Brancaccio, A.; Rüegg, M. A.; Koenig, J.; Eymard, B.; Schaeffer, L.; Hantaï, D.: Identification of an agrin mutation that causes congenital myasthenia and affects synapse function. The American Journal of Human Genetics 85 (2), S. 155 - 167 (2009)
Chevessier, F.; Girard, E.; Molgó, J.; Bartling, S.; Koenig, J.; Hantaï, D.; Witzemann, V.: A mouse model for congenital myasthenic syndrome due to MuSK mutations reveals defects in structure and function of neuromuscular junctions. Human Molecular Genetics 17 (22), S. 3577 - 3595 (2008)

Poster (4)

Sternberg, D.; Chevessier, F.; Bassez, G.; Behin, A.; Echaniz-Laguna, J. A.; Eymard, B.; Franques, J.; Péréon , Y.; Vicart, S.; Fontaine, B. et al.; Hantai, B.; Fournier, F.: Brody syndrome represents a differential diagnosis for painless exercise -induced stiffness without electrical myotonia: detection of 10 cases associated with mutations in ATP2A1 gene. International congress of Myology, Lille, France (2011)
Ferry, A.; Bangratz, A.; Mouisel, E.; Vignaud, A.; Chevessier, F.; Nicole, S.; Chatonnet, A.: Impact of impaired neuromuscular transmission on skeletal muscle physiology in three murine models with neuromuscular junction defects. 10th. International Meeting on Cholinesterases (2009)
Peter, C.; Korngreen, A.; Jin, T. E.; Girard, E.; Chevessier, F.; Casas, M.; Krejci, E.; Jaimovich, E.; Witzemann, V.; Molgo, J.: Analysis of the neuromuscular junction, synaptic transmission, and muscle contraction in a knock-in mouse with a slow channel congenital myasthenic syndrome. International Congress (2009)
Bauché, S.; Hantai, D.; Lipecka, J.; Vinh, H.; Demay-Thomas , E.; Ben Ammar, A.; Chevessier, F.; Faraut, B.; Witzemann, V.; Rossier, J. et al.; Eymard, B.; Koenig, J.: Congenital myasthenic syndrome due to mutations in the MUSK gene: Characterization of a factor favouring axonal growth. 3rd International congress of Myology, Marseille, France (2008)
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