Publikationen von Eckhard Hofmann

Zeitschriftenartikel (3)

Reinelt, S.; Hofmann, E.; Gerharz, T.; Bott, M.; Madden, D. R.: The structure of the periplasmic ligand-binding domain of the sensor kinase CitA reveals the first extracellular PAS domain. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (40), S. 39189 - 39196 (2003)
Hiller, R. G.; Crossley, L. G.; Wrench, P. M.; Santucci, N.; Hofmann, E.: The 15kDa forms of the apo-peridinin-chlorophyll a protein (PCP) show high identity with the apo-32kDa PCP forms, and have similar N-terminal leaders and gene arrangements. Molecular Genetics and Genomics 266, S. 254 - 259 (2001)
Steinke, A.; Grau, S.; Davidson, A.; Hofmann, E.; Ehrmann, M.: Characterization of transmembrane segments 3, 4, and 5 of MalF by mutational analysis. Journal of Bacteriology 183 (1), S. 375 - 381 (2001)
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