Publikationen von Katrina J. V. Poole

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Poole, K. J. V.; Lorenz, M.; Evans, G.; Rosenbaum, G.; Pirani, A.; Craig, R.; Tobacman, L. S.; Lehman, W.; Holmes, K. C.: A comparison of muscle thin filament models obtained from electron microscopy reconstructions and low-angle X-ray fibre diagrams from non-overlap muscle. Journal of Structural Biology 155 (2), S. 273 - 284 (2006)
Taylor, K. A.; Schmitz, H.; Reedy, M. C.; Goldman, Y. E.; Franzini-Armstrong, C.; Sasaki, H.; Tregear, R. T.; Poole, K. J. V.; Lucaveche, C.; Edwards, R. J. et al.; Chen, L. F.; Winkler, H.; Reedy, M. K.: Tomographic 3D reconstruction of quick-frozen, Ca2+ activated insect flight muscle. Cell 99 (4), S. 421 - 432 (1999)
Tregear, R. T.; Edwards, R. J.; Irving, T. C.; Poole, K. J. V.; Reedy, M. K.; Schmitz, H.; Towns−Andrews, E.; Reedy, M. K.: X-ray diffraction indicates that active cross-bridges bind to actin target zones in insect flight muscle. Biophysical Journal 74 (3), S. 1439 - 1451 (1998)
Rapp, G.; Poole, K. J. V.; Maeda, Y.; Güth, K.; Hendrix, J.; Goody, R. S.: Time-resolved structural studies on insect flight muscle after photolysis of caged-ATP. Biophysical Journal 50 (5), S. 993 - 997 (1986)
Rapp, G.; Poole, K. J. V.; Maeda, Y.; Goody, R. S.; K.Güth: Dynamic structural investigations on Lethocerus flight muscle following mechanical and biochemical perturbations. Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility 7, S. 79 /59 - 93 (1986)
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