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Zeitschriftenartikel (142)

Leible, M. B.; Shoeman, R. L.; Schweiger, H.: Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase, a marker for chloroplast species specificity in Acetabularia. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: BBA 699 (1), S. 60 - 66 (1982)
Hoffmann, F.; Shoeman, R. L.: Plant cell biologists contribute to cell biology. European Journal of Cell Biology: EJCB 25, S. 223 - 224 (1981)

Buch (1)

Gleba, I. I.; Sytnik, K. M.; Shoeman, R. L.: Protoplast fusion: genetic engineering in higher plants. Springer, Heidelberg, Berlin, New York, Tokyo (1984), 21 S.

Buchkapitel (6)

Grünbein, M. L.; Nass Kovacs, G.; Kloos, M.; Gorel, A.; Doak, R. B.; Shoeman, R. L.; Barends, T. R. M.; Schlichting, I.: Crystallographic studies of rhodopsins: structure and dynamics. In: Methods in Molecular Biology, Bd. 2501, S. 147 - 168. Humana, New York, NY (2022)
Shoeman, R. L.; Traub, P.: The proteins of intermediate filament systems. In: The Cytoskeleton, Vol. 1: Structure and Assembly, Bd. 1, S. 205 - 255 (Hg. Hesketh, J. E.; Pryme, I. F.). Elsevier, − (1995)
Shoeman, R. L.; Höner, B.; Stoller, T. S.; Mothes, E.; Kesselmeier, C.; Traub, P.; Graves, M. C.: Cleavage of the intermediate filament subunit protein vimentin by HIV-1 protease: utilization of a novel cleavage site and identification of higher order polymers of pepstatin A. In: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Vol. 306: Structure and Function of the Aspartic Proteins, S. 533 - 537 (Hg. Dunn, B. M.). Plenum Pr., NY (1992)
Shoeman, R. L.; Traub, P.: Intermediate Filaments. In: Evolutionary biology, Bd. Vol 2, Chapter 3 Aufl., S. 117 - 135 (Hg. Bittar, E.E.). Jai Press, Greenwich, Conn. (1991)
Shoeman, R. L.; Maxon, M. E.; Coleman, T.; Redfield, B.; Brot, N.; Weissbach, H.: The biochemistry and molecular biology of the terminal reactions of methionine biosynthesis in Escherichia coli. In: The Roots of Modern Biochemistry, S. 447 - 455 (Hg. von Döhren, H.; Jaenicke, L.). Gruyter, Berlin, NY (1988)
Shoeman, R. L.; Maxon, M. E.; Redfield, B.; Coleman, T.; Jacques, N.; Brot, N.; Weissbach, H.: The methionine regulon in Escherichia coli. In: Mechanisms of control of gene expression, UCLA Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology, S. 3 - 13 (Hg. Cullen, B.; Gage, L.P.; Siddiqui, M.A.Q.; Skalka, A.M.; Weissbach, H.). Alan R. Liss Inc., NY, New York (1987)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Stan, C. A.; Grünbein, M. L.; Foucar, L.; Gorel, A.; Hilpert, M.; Kloos, M.; Nass, K.; Nass Kovács, G.; Roome, C. M.; Shoeman, R. L. et al.; Stricker, M.; Carbajo, S.; Colocho, W.; Gilevich, S.; Hunter, M.; Lewandowski, J.; Lutman, A.; Koglin, J. E.; Lane, T. J.; van Driel, T.; Sheppard, J.; Vetter, S. L.; Turner, J.; Doak, R. B.; Barends, T. R. M.; Boutet, S.; Aquila, A. L.; Decker, F. J.; Schlichting, I.: Abstract: T21.00010: Protein molecular deformation and protein crystal damage induced by shock waves traveling in liquid microjets. 2:37 PM–2:50 PM. 74th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona, 21. November 2021 - 23. November 2021. Bulletin of the American Physical Society, (2021)
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