Publikationen von Matthias Both

Zeitschriftenartikel (2)

Hasan, M. T.; Friedrich, R. W.; Euler, T.; Larkum, M. E.; Giese, G.; Both, M.; Dübel, J.; Waters, D. J.; Bujard, H.; Griesbeck, O. et al.; Tsien, R. Y.; Nagai, T.; Miyawaki, A.; Denk, W.: Functional fluorescent Ca2+ indicator proteins in transgenic mice under TET control. PLoS Biology 2 (6), e163, S. 763 - 775 (2004)
Schwake, L.; Henkel, A. W.; Riedel, H. D.; Schlenker, T.; Both, M.; Migala, A.; Hadaschik, B.; Henfling, N.; Stremmel, W.: Regulation of transferrin-induced indocytosis by wildetype and C282Y-mutant HFE in transfected HeLa cells. American Journal of Physiology: Cell Physiology 282, S. 973 - 979 (2002)

Poster (3)

Both, M.; Brankack, J.; Von Kameke, A.; Reichinnek, S.; Spieler, K.; Seeburg, P. H.; Sprengel, R.; Nakai, J.; Draguhn, A.; Hasan, M. T.: Genetically-encoded Ca2+ sensors for population imaging of neuronal activity dynamics in the rodent hippocampus. Society for Neuroscience Meeting (2009)
Reichinnek, S.; Kameke, A.; Draguhn, A.; Hasan, M. T.; Both, M.: Fluorescence microscopy used to visualize spontaneous high frequency network oscillations in hippocampal slices from mouse and rat. Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society (2009)
Hasan, M. T.; Friedrich, R. W.; Both, M.; Larkum, M. E.; Waters, D. J.; Petersen, C. C. H.; Dlugosz, S.; Bujard, H.; Griesbeck, O.; Nagai, T. et al.; Miyawaki, A.; Denk, W.: Transgenic mice expressing genetically-encoded calcium indicators under control of a chemically-inducible promoter. Neuroscience 2003 (2003)
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