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Born, D.; Reuter, L.; Mersdorf, U.; Müller, M.; Fischer, M.; Meinhart, A.; Reinstein, J.: Capsid protein structure, self-assembly, and processing reveal morphogenesis of the marine virophage mavirus. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (28), S. 7332 - 7337 (2018)
Rosam, M.; Krader, D.; Nickels, C.; Hochmair, J.; Back, K. C.; Agam, G.; Barth, A.; Zeymer, C.; Hendrix, J.; Schneider, M. et al.; Antes, I.; Reinstein, J.; Lamb, D. C.; Buchner, J.: Bap (Sil1) regulates the molecular chaperone BiP by coupling release of nucleotide and substrate. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 25, S. 90 - 100 (2018)
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