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<span><span><span><strong><span><span><span>Premiere in artificial cell division </span></span></span></strong></span></span></span>

A research team has succeeded for the first time in using DNA nanotechnology to develop an important building block for artificial cell division: a ring of DNA nanotubes that could be used in artificial cell division.  more

<span><span><span><span><span>Tracking molecular movements with nanometer precision using MINSTED </span></span></span></span></span>

Researchers led by Stefan Hell have succeeded in using MINSTED microscopy to visualize movements of the motor protein kinesin with spatio-temporal precision in the nanometer per millisecond range. Hell’s team has thus extended the MINSTED imaging method to precise tracking of molecular movements. more

Protection from an unexpected source

A newly published study demonstrates that host-integrated virus genomes are able to protect their host populations from a lytic giant virus, thus assuring their survival. They recent results by the Protist Viruses Research Group were published in PNAS in March. more

A new approach to recording cellular activities

Scientists at the institute and their collaboration partners have created a novel technology that allows cellular events to be recorded through chemical labeling with fluorescent dyes for later analysis, opening up completely new ways to study cellular physiology. This new method has now been published in Science. more

Batene receives the Max Planck-Startup Award

The Stifterverband recognizes the start-up for its technology that enhances the power and cost-effectiveness of batteries more

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