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Read the latest institute news in our press releases. The public relations office is also happy to assist journalists covering the Max Planck Institute for Medical research. Please contact us, if you require high-resolution pictures for publication.

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A Max Planck spin-off develops more powerful and resource-saving batteries

Batene GmbH starts with ten million euros in seed financing more

On the trail of an old acquaintance

First biosensor for real-time determination of cellular coenzyme A concentrations more

A new class of light-controllable fluorescent dyes designed for super-resolution microscopy

Small biocompatible photoactivatable fluorophores, called PaX dyes, enable nanoscale fluorescence imaging with several super-resolution microscopy techniques

Stefan Hell elected to the ‘Orden Pour le Mérite’

The "Ordern Pour le mérite" is awarded for special achievements in the Sciences and Arts and is one of the most prestigious awards in Germany. more

<strong>Another step towards synthetic cells</strong>

Scientists at the MPI for Medical Research and University Stuttgart introduce functional DNA-based cytoskeletons into cell-sized compartments. When the cytoskeletons were incorporated into synthetic droplets, the researchers could show functionality such as transport of molecules. The results were recently published in Nature Chemistry.


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