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<strong>A new approach to recording cellular activities</strong>

Scientists at the institute and their collaboration partners have created a novel technology that allows cellular events to be recorded through chemical labeling with fluorescent dyes for later analysis, opening up completely new ways to study cellular physiology. This new method has now been published in Science. more

Batene receives the Max Planck-Startup Award

The Stifterverband recognizes the start-up for its technology that enhances the power and cost-effectiveness of batteries more

Prof.  Jinwoo Cheon from Yonsei University receives a Humboldt Research Award

Jinwoo Cheon, director and H.G. Underwood Professor at the Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea, has been awarded a Humboldt Research Award. The award, honoring internationally recognized researchers, will include a stay at the institute in Heidelberg, where Cheon will be hosted by Professor Joachim Spatz. more

EU funding for research into giant viruses

Group leader Matthias Fischer has been awarded a prestigious Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council. His research into the diversity, functions, and evolution of giant viruses will be funded for five years with 2.4 million Euros. more

vfl. Amelie Heuer-Jungemann, Benjamin Vernot,, Tristan Wagner and Matthias Fischer

Four Max Planck projects secure the ERC Consolidator Grants 2023 more

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