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Read the latest institute news in our press releases. The public relations office is also happy to assist journalists covering the Max Planck Institute for Medical research. Please contact us, if you require high-resolution pictures for publication.

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Scientists at the MPI for Medical Research develop HaloTag variants that enable tuning of fluorescence lifetime and allow imaging various proteins of interest using the same fluorophore and only one channel. more

The former PhD student and current postdoc in the Optical Nanoscopy Department is honored for her outstanding dissertationin the field of cancer research. more

We mourn the loss of an exceptionally creative, cheerful colleague and friend and an outstanding scientist who pioneered the use of synchrotron radiation as an intensive X-ray source for crystallography. more

When both sides profit - within this mutually beneficial symbiosis, virophages act as a defense system against giant viruses for their marine protist hosts. Scientists at the MPI for Medical research show that the system is widespread in nature and relevant for plankton ecology and evolution. more

Scientists at the MPI for Medical Research and collaborators create synthetic exosomes with natural functionalities and present their therapeutic application. more

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