The Max Planck Institute for Medical Research currently consists of four departments and five additional independent research groups.  

Board of Directors

The institute is led scientifically and administratively by the directorate, comprising the departmental directors. The directorate is chaired by one of the directors, the managing director, for periods of two years in turn. The managing director or his/her deputy is responsible for implementing decisions of the directorate and handling day-to-day business. The directors are also Scientific Members of the Max Planck Society, and are currently four in number.

Stefan W. Hell

Kai Johnsson (Managing Director)

Ilme Schlichting (Deputy Managing Director)

Joachim P. Spatz


Managing Director: Kai Johnsson

Deputy Managing Director: Ilme Schlichting

Head of Administration: Nico Frisch

Scientific Coordinator: Elisabeth Fuhry

Employee Representatives

Ombudsperson of the Institute: Richard Wombacher

Representative of the institute in the Biomedical Section of the MPS: Elisa D'Este

Equal Opportunity Representative: Elisabeth Fuhry

Deputy Equal Opportunity Representative: Jade Cottam Jones



The faculty of the institute comprises all indepented researchers, i.g. the directors and research group leaders. The faculty discusses organizational questions that affect the institute in general and gather relevant information on institute affairs.

Thomas Barends

Matthias Fischer

Peer Fischer

Kerstin Göpfrich

Stefan W. Hell

Kai Johnsson

Jochen Reinstein

Ilme Schlichting

Joachim P. Spatz

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