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At our institute, physicists, chemists and biologists create knowledge of long-term relevance to basic medical science. The unifying theme of our research is to observe and manipulate the vastly complex molecular and cellular interactions that are the basis of life. more


Premiere in artificial cell division
A research team has succeeded for the first time in using DNA nanotechnology to develop an important building block for artificial cell division: a ring of DNA nanotubes that could be used in artificial cell division. The research results have been published in Nature Communications.
Tracking molecular movements with nanometer precision using MINSTED
Researchers led by Stefan Hell have succeeded in using MINSTED microscopy to visualize movements of the motor protein kinesin with spatio-temporal precision in the nanometer per millisecond range. Hell’s team has thus extended the MINSTED imaging method to precise tracking of molecular movements.
Protection from an unexpected source
A newly published study demonstrates that host-integrated virus genomes are able to protect their host populations from a lytic giant virus, thus assuring their survival. They recent results by the Protist Viruses Research Group were published in PNAS in March.

Departments of the Institute

Ilme Schlichting
Joachim Spatz
Kai Johnsson
Stefan W. Hell

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Rudolf Mößbauer Colloquium with Christian Heinis (EPFL)

May 7, 2024 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Local Time Germany)
MPI for Medical Research, Room: Seminar Room A/B

Education and Careers

Max Planck Schools
Our institute is the initiator and speaker of the new Max Planck School MATTER to LIFE that wants to educate a new generation of scientists. Curious? Find all the information here.
Apply now!

Apply now!

August 14, 2023
We are always looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic members for our institute. With the attractive city of Heidelberg and its surroundings and an excellent research environment we can offer an optimal combination of high living standards and first-class research.
Mentoring and Career Development
Talent, creativity, and passion – these are the qualities that count at our institute. As a researcher joining the MPI for Medical Research, you will work alongside scientists who are world leaders in their field. We value a culture of respect, openness and strong support for emerging talents, irrespective of background. We look forward to your contribution to our efforts towards understanding nature.
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