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At our institute, physicists, chemists and biologists create knowledge of long-term relevance to basic medical science. The unifying theme of our research is to observe and manipulate the vastly complex molecular and cellular interactions that are the basis of life. more


Another step towards synthetic cells
Scientists at the MPI for Medical Research and University Stuttgart introduce functional DNA-based cytoskeletons into cell-sized compartments. When the cytoskeletons were incorporated into synthetic droplets, the researchers could show functionality such as transport of molecules. The results were recently published in Nature Chemistry.


Otto Hahn Medal for Marie Luise Grünbein
Marie Luise Grünbein earned her PhD in the department of Biomolecular Mechanisms under the guidance of Dr. Bruce Doak and Dr. Ilme Schlichting, while she was a member of the FEL group there. She receives this award for fundamental insights into the possibilities and limitations of structural biology using X-ray lasers.

Tuning the properties of drug carries to improve lifetime and distribution in patient’s bodies
Changing the elasticity of nanogels that can be used as a carriers for the administration of various drugs in patients suffering from medical conditions like cancer improves their circulation time by evading immune cells. Those findings by scientists at the MPIMR and RWTH Aachen were recently published in Angewandte Chemie.

Departments of the Institute

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Events and visits possible again
Visits and events are now possible again at the MPI for Medical Research. We offer most events in a hybrid format. You can participate both on site and virtually.



Education and Careers

Max Planck Schools
Our institute is the initiator and speaker of the new Max Planck School MATTER to LIFE that wants to educate a new generation of scientists. Curious? Find all the information here.

Apply now!
We are always looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic members for our institute. With the attractive city of Heidelberg and its surroundings and an excellent research environment we can offer an optimal combination of high living standards and first-class research.

Mentoring and Career Development
Talent, creativity, and passion – these are the qualities that count at our institute. As a researcher joining the MPI for Medical Research, you will work alongside scientists who are world leaders in their field. We value a culture of respect, openness and strong support for emerging talents, irrespective of background. We look forward to your contribution to our efforts towards understanding nature.
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