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At our institute, physicists, chemists and biologists create knowledge of long-term relevance to basic medical science. The unifying theme of our research is to observe and manipulate the vastly complex molecular and cellular interactions that are the basis of life. more


Programming synthetic exosomes to optimize wound healing

September 03, 2021
Scientists at the MPI for Medical Research and collaborators create synthetic exosomes with natural functionalities and present their therapeutic application.

Enzyme skyscrapers help microbes grow

July 15, 2021
Scientists from three Max Planck Institutes determine structure of an important nitrite-oxidizing enzyme in the global biological nitrogen cycle.

Richard Lincoln awarded the Stefan W. Hell Nobel Laureate Fellowship

July 07, 2021
The postdoctoral scientist receives the fellowship to pursue his research on photoactivatable fluorophores and labelling strategies for MINFLUX nanoscopy at the MPI for Medical Research in Heidelberg.

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The MPI for Medical Research has cancelled all visits to the institute by non-staff groups until further notice. All events have been cancelled as well. We will give updates on new dates.


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Max Planck Schools

Our institute is the initiator and speaker of the new Max Planck School MATTER to LIFE that wants to educate a new generation of scientists. Curious? Find all the information here.

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We are always looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic members for our institute. With the attractive city of Heidelberg and its surroundings and an excellent research environment we can offer an optimal combination of high living standards and first-class research.

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Talent, creativity, and passion – these are the qualities that count at our institute. As a researcher joining the MPI for Medical Research, you will work alongside scientists who are world leaders in their field. We value a culture of respect, openness and strong support for emerging talents, irrespective of background. We look forward to your contribution to our efforts towards understanding nature.
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