The Science Network X-WIN

Figure 1:There are about 70 core network sites of X-WiN distributed throughout Germany. The sites are primarily located in the computing centres of universities and research facilities. Some core network sites are accommodated in co-location facilities. DFN-Verein operates at each core network site DWDM-systems, which are interconnected via the optical platform, and IP-routers, that employ the optical platform to connect to the router platform for IP-packet switching. DFN-Verein organizes the core network sites in its own responsibility. This complete control provides unlimited co-location with service-providers and direct access to the complete scope of functionality of the DWDM-systems as well as the IP-routers. DFN-Verein continuously extends the core network sites according to its users' demand.

DFN – Deutsches Forschungsnetz – is Germany`s National Research and Education Network. It provides a high-performance infrastructure for the German Research and Education Community. DFN connects universities and research institutions and supports the development of innovative applications. Since 2006 the national backbone of DFN is the X-WiN.

Being connected to the European Backbone GÉANT, X-WiN is an integral part of the worldwide community of research and education networks. Based on contracts and peering agreements X-WiN is connected to the Global Internet as well. The X-WiN is operated by the DFN-Verein (Verein zur Förderung eines Deutschen Forschungsnetzes e.V.) which guarantees its further use and development. DFN-Verein is a non-profit association established by research, development and education sector in Germany to promote computer-based communication and information services.

The X-WIN knot

The four Max Planck Institutes in Heidelberg

are commonly connected to the X-WIN of the DFN (German Research Network, Deutsches Forschungsnetz). For the Dial-in from outside, VPN and - amongst others - the RAS (Remote Access) service is at disposal.

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