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Matter, H.; Kumar, H. S. A.; Fedorov, R.; Frey, A.; Kotsonis, P.; Hartmann, E.; Fröhlich, L. G.; Reif, A.; Pfleiderer, W.; Scheurer, P. et al.; Ghosh, D. K.; Schlichting, I.; Schmidt, H. H. H. W.: Structural analysis of isoform-specific inhibitors targeting the tetrahydrobiopterin binding site of human nitric oxide synthases. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 48 (15), pp. 4783 - 4792 (2005)
Journal Article
Fedorov, R.; Hartmann, E.; Ghosh, D. K.; Schlichting, I.: Structural basis for the specificity of the nitric-oxide synthase inhibitors W1400 and Nomega-propyl-L-Arg for the inducible and neuronal isoforms. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (46), pp. 45818 - 45825 (2003)
Journal Article
Fedorov, R.; Schlichting, I.; Hartmann, E.; Domratcheva, T.; Fuhrmann, M.; Hegemann, P.: Crystal structures and molecular mechanism of a light-induced signaling switch: The Phot-LOV1 domain from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Biophysical Journal 84 (4), pp. 2474 - 2482 (2003)
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