Cellular Biophysics and Engineering

Joachim P. Spatz

Joachim Spatz: Collective Cell Migration
Collective cell migration is the process of several cells migrating as a cohesive group, in which each individual actively coordinates its own movement with that of its neighbors.
Ilia Platzman: Engineering of Synthetic Cells
The major aim of our interdisciplinary research is the bottom-up assembly of synthetic cells which can adhere, migrate and divide.

Microfluidic Technologies for Life Sciences

Microfluidic technologies serve as enabling technology for different applications in synthetic biology and biomedical applications.
Fania Geiger: Glaucoma Nano-Technology
Find information about Fania Geiger's projects here. They include the development of hydrogel based stents against glaucoma and tobacco mosaic virus-based structuring tools. more
Eli Zamir and Günter Majer: Spectroscopy Technologies
Reconceptualizing fluorescence correlation spectroscopy for monitoring and analyzing of periodically passing objects.
Dimitris Missirlis: Hydrogels and Mechanotransduction
We are interested in understanding how mammalian cells sense and respond to their mechanical microenvironment. more
Friedhelm Serwane: Retina-Organoid-Based Artificial Eye
Synthetic Retina: Physical and chemical exploration of synthetic retina organoids. more
Zhaolu Diao and Klaus Weishaupt: Technical Applications of Biomimetic Nanostructures - nanoAR
In many modern optical appliances unwanted light reflections reduce the image quality notably. Nocturnal moths have solved this problem million of years ago. A nanometre-sized structure on the surface of their eyes results in almost perfect anti-reflective properties. In the nanoAR workgroup we are developing new cost efficient methods to coat commercially available surfaces with a similar, biomimetic nanostructure.
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