Journal Article (6)

Journal Article
Poupko, R.; Luz, Z.; Zimmermann, H.: Pseudorotation in cyclopentane. An experimental determination of the puckering amplitude by NMR in oriented solvents. Journal of the American Chemical Society 104 (20), pp. 5307 - 5314 (1982)
Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
Goldfarb, D.; Luz, Z.; Zimmermann, H.: A deuterium NMR study of solute molecules dissolved in the discotic mesophase of p-n-hexahexyloxytriphenylene. Journal de Physique I 43, pp. 421 - 430 (1982)
Journal Article
Goldfarb, D.; Luz, Z.; Zimmermann, H.: Solvation sites in mesophases of discotic liquid crystals. Journal de Physique I 43 (8), pp. 1255 - 1258 (1982)
Journal Article
Wäckerle, G.; Bär, M.; Zimmermann, H.; Dinse, K.; Yamauchi, S.; Kashmar, R. J.; Pratt, D. W.: Optically detected magnetic resonance studies of photoexcited 17O‐benzophenone. Orbital rotation in the lowest triplet state. The Journal of Chemical Physics 76 (5), pp. 2275 - 2292 (1982)

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Book Chapter
Wray, J.: Organization of myosin in invertebrate thick filaments. In: Basic biology of muscles, pp. 29 - 36. Raven Pr., New York (1982)
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