Web Services

Content Management

Successfully productive at the Max Planck Society since the end of 2002, Infopark CMS Fiona was deployed at the MPImF in July 2006. Fiona is a very powerful Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS), which allows the adminsitration of several complex websites by a multiplicity of editors.

It also allows the complete separation of content, layout and structure and therewith to collect and to maintain different kinds of content and to publish them on a large variety of different channels (i. e., Web, PDF and Mobile Devices).

With its fine-granuled rights- and access management, every network user can maintain his own area without bothering the areas of the others; the Workflow Management ensures a constantly high data quality. There is no need of special knowledge to use Fiona, and it can be used with a modern Web Browser on every operating system. With the seamless, user-specific integration of external applications (such as BBEdit, Macromedia Dreamweaver), every user can continue to work with his familiar tools.

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