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Journal Article
Klockow, B.; Tichelaar, W.; Madden, D. R.; Niemann, H. H.; Akiba, T.; Hirose, K.; Manstein, D. J.: The dynamin A ring complex: molecular organization and nucleotide‐dependent conformational changes. EMBO Journal 21 (3), pp. 240 - 250 (2002)
Journal Article
Safferling, M.; Tichelaar, W.; Kümmerle, G.; Jouppila, A.; Kuusinen, A.; Keinänen, K.; Madden, D. R.: First images of a glutamate receptor ion channel: oligomeric state and molecular dimensions of GluRB homomers. Biochemistry 40 (46), pp. 13948 - 13953 (2001)
Journal Article
Jekow, P.; Behlke, J.; Tichelaar, W.; Lurz, R.; Regalla, M.; Hinrichs, W.; Tavares, P.: Effect of the ionic environment on the molecular structure of bacteriophage SPP1 portal protein. European Journal of Biochemistry 264 (3), pp. 724 - 735 (1999)
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Ulrich, A. S.; Tichelaar, W.; Förster, G.; Zschörnig, O.; Weinkauf, S.; Meyer, H. W.: Ultrastructural characterization of peptide-induced membrane fusion and peptide self-assembly in the bilayer. Biophysical Journal 77 (2), pp. 829 - 841 (1999)
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Tichelaar, W.; Ermantraut, E.; Wohlfart, K.: Perforated support foils with pre-defined hole size, shape and arrangement. Ultramicroscopy 74 (1-2), pp. 75 - 81 (1998)
Journal Article
Palmer, K. J.; Tichelaar, W.; Myers, N.; Burns, N. R.; Butcher, S. J.; Kingsman, A. J.; Fuller, S. D.; Saibil, H. R.: Cryo-electron microscopy structure of yeast Ty retrotransposon virus-like particles. Journal of Virology 71 (9), pp. 6863 - 6868 (1997)
Journal Article
Weinstein, S.; Jahn, W.; Laschever, M.; Arad, T.; Tichelaar, W.; Haider, M.; Glotz, C.; Boeckh, T.; Berkovitch-Yellin, Z.; Franceschi, F. et al.; Yonath, A.: Derivatization of ribosomes and of tRNA with an undecagold cluster: crystallographic and functional studies. Journal of Crystal Growth 122 (1), pp. 286 - 292 (1992)
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