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Kozar, T.; Nifantev, N. E.; Grosskurth, H.; Dabrowski, U.; Dabrowski, J.: Conformational changes due to vicinal glycosylation: The branched α-l-Rhap(1–2)[β-d-Galp(1–3)]-β-d-Glc1-OMe trisaccharide compared with its parent disaccharides*. Biopolymers 46 (6), pp. 417 - 432 (1998)
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Dabrowski, J.; Grosskurth, H.; Baust, C.; Nifantev, N. E.: Secondary H/D isotope effect on hydrogen-bonded hydroxyl groups as a tool for recognizing distance constraints in conformational analysis of oligosaccharides. Journal of Biomolecular NMR 12 (1), pp. 161 - 172 (1998)
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Gamian, A.; Katzenellenbogen, E.; Romanowska, E.; Grosskurth, H.; Dabrowski, J.: Reinvestigation of the O-specific polysaccharides of Hafnia alvei lipopolysaccharides isolated from strains ATCC 13337 and 1187. Carbohydrate Research 307 (1-2), pp. 173 - 176 (1998)
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Knirel, Y. A.; Grosskurth, H.; Helbig, J. H.; Zähringer, U.: Structures of decasaccharide and tridecasaccharide tetraphosphates isolated by strong alkaline degradation of O-deacylated lipopolysaccharide of Pseudomonas fluorescens strain ATCC 49271. Carbohydrate Research 279, pp. 215 - 226 (1995)
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Radziejewska-Lebrecht, J.; Shashkov, A. S.; Vinogradov, E. V.; Grosskurth, H.; Bartodziejska, B.; Rozalski, A.; Kaca, W.; Kononov, L. O.; Chernyak, A. Y.; Mayer, H. et al.; Knirel, Y. A.; Kochetkov, N. K.: Structure and epitope characterisation of the O-specific polysaccharide of Proteus mirabilis O28 containing amides of D-galacturonic acid with L-serine and L-lysine. European Journal of Biochemistry 230 (2), pp. 705 - 712 (1995)
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Dabrowski, J.; Kozar, T.; Grosskurth, H.; Nifantev, N. E.: Conformational mobility of oligosaccharides: experimental evidence for the existence of an "anti" conformer of the Galβ1-3Glcβ1-OMe disaccharide. Journal of the American Chemical Society 117 (20), pp. 5534 - 5539 (1995)
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Dabrowski, U.; Dabrowski, J.; Grosskurth, H.; Von der Lieth, C. W.; Ogawa, T.: Solution conformation of the tetrasaccharide glycoside Xylβ1-(Manα1-3)2Manβ1-4Glcβ1R from the mollu-series glycosphingolipids. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 192 (3), pp. 1057 - 1065 (1993)
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Vinogradov, E. V.; Shashkov, A. S.; Knirel, Y. A.; Kochetkov, N. K.; Dabrowski, J.; Grosskurth, H.; Stanislavsky, E. S.; Kholodkova, E. V.: The structure of the O-specific polysaccharide chain of the lipopolysaccharide of Salmonella arizonae O61. Carbohydrate Research 231, pp. 1 - 11 (1992)
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