Publications of Karin Trauner

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Journal Article
Romanowska, E.; Romanowska, A.; Dabrowski, J.; Trauner, K.: The structure of the lipopolysaccharide core region of Citrobacter 027. FEMS Microbiology Letters 58 (1), pp. 107 - 110 (1989)
Journal Article
Dabrowski, J.; Trauner, K.; Koike, K.; Ogawa, T.: Complete 1H-NMR spectral assignments for globotriaosyl-Z- and isoglobotriaosyl-E-ceramide. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 49 (1-2), pp. 31 - 37 (1988)
Journal Article
Gamian , A.; Romanowska , E.; Romanowska, A.; Ługowski, C.; Dabrowski, J.; Trauner, K.: Citrobacter lipopolysaccharides: structure elucidation of the O-specific polysaccharide from strain PCM 1487 by mass spectrometry, one-dimensional and two-dimensional 1H-NMR spectroscopy and methylation analysis. European Journal of Biochemistry 146 (3), pp. 641 - 647 (1985)
Journal Article
Bhattacharyya, S. N.; Lynn, W. S.; Dabrowski, J.; Trauner, K.; Hull, W. E.: Structure elucidation by one- and two-dimensional 360- and 500-MHz 1H NMR of the oligosaccharide units of two glycoproteins isolated from alveoli of patients with alveolar proteinosis. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 231 (1), pp. 72 - 85 (1984)
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