Publications of Werner Goebel

Poster (1)

Lütcke, H.; Margolis, D. J.; Astori, S.; Meyer, S.; Goebel, W.; Kügler, S.; Yang, Y.; Sprengel, R.; Seeburg, P. H.; Helmchen, F. et al.; Hasan, M. T.: Viral expression of Yellow cameleon 3.60 allows optical single-spike detection using two-photon imaging in vivo. Society for Neuroscience Meeting (2009)

Thesis - Diploma (1)

Thesis - Diploma
Göbel, W.: Fiber-optic two-photon microscopy using a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber and a coherent optical image guide. Diploma, 81 pp., Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg (2004)
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