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    Dürrwang, U.; Fujita-Becker, S.; Erent, M.; Kull, F. J.; Tsiavaliaris, G.; Geeves, M. A.; Manstein, D. J.: Dictyostelium myosin-IE is a fast molecular motor involved in phagocytosis. Journal of Cell Science 119, pp. 550 - 558 (2006)
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    Fujita-Becker, S.; Dürrwang, U.; Erent, M.; Clark, R.; Geeves, M. A.; Manstein, D. J.: Changes in Mg2+ ion concentration and heavy chain phosphorylation regulate the motor activity of class I myosin. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 (7), pp. 6064 - 6071 (2005)
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    Kollmar, M.; Dürrwang, U.; Kliche, W.; Manstein, D. J.; Kull, F. J.: Crystal structure of the motor domain of a class-I myosin. EMBO Journal 21 (11), pp. 2517 - 2525 (2002)
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