Publications of Karin Fritz-Wolf

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Book Chapter
Meissner, P.; Adler, H.; Kasozi, D.; Fritz-Wolf, K.; Schirmer, R. H.: The reducing milieu of parasitized cells as a target of antimalarial agents: Methylene blue as an ethical drug. In: Apicomplexan Parasites, pp. 115 - 136 (Ed. Becker, K.). Wiley-VCH, Weinheim (2011)
Book Chapter
Jortzik, E.; Urig , S.; Fritz-Wolf, K.; Becker, K.: Human thioredoxin reductase − structural and mechanistic characteristics of an anticancer drug target. In: Flavins and flavoproteins 2008: Proceedings of the 16th international symposium, Jaca, Spain, June 8-13, 2008, pp. 333 - 338 (Ed. Frago, S.). Selbstverl., Zaragoza (2008)
Book Chapter
Koncarevic, S.; Deponte, M.; Fritz-Wolf, K.; Meyer, M.; Urig, S.; Fischer, M.; Réau, R.; Davioud-Charvet, E.; Becker, K.: Mass spectrometic analysis of human glutathione reductase modified by a gold-phosphole inhibitor. In: Flavins and flavoproteins 2005: Proceedings of the 15th international symposium, Shonan Village, Japan, 17th - 22nd April, 2005, pp. 325 - 330 (Ed. Nishino, T.). Selbstverl., Shonan Village (2005)
Book Chapter
Schiering, N.; Fritz-Wolf, K.; Kabsch, W.; Moore, M. J.; Di Stefano, M. D.; Walsh, C. T.; Pai, E. F.: The three-dimensional structure of mercuric ion reductase from Bacillus sp. strain RC607. In: Flavins and Flavoproteins 1990: Proceedings of the 10th international symposium, Como, Italy, July 15 - 20, 1990, pp. 615 - 625 (Eds. Curti, B.; Ronchi, S.; Zanetti, S.). de Gruyter, Amsterdam (1991)
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