Publications of R. Pipkorn

Journal Article (5)

Journal Article
Pipkorn, R.; Schmid, M.; Weigand , K.; Birr, C.: Carbonyldiimidazole/1‐hydroxybenzotriazole activation in polymer phase synthesis of the arginine rich proalbumin hexapeptide extension. Chemical Biology & Drug Design 21 (1), pp. 100 - 106 (1983)
Journal Article
Tamura, T.; Bauer, H.; Birr, C.; Pipkorn, R.: Antibodies against synthetic peptides as a tool for functional analysis of the transforming protein pp60src. Cell 34 (2), pp. 587 - 596 (1983)
Journal Article
Birr, C.; Pipkorn, R.: Voll aktives Insulin durch selektive Bildung der Disulfidbrücken zwischen synthetischer A‐Kette und natürlicher B‐Kette. Angewandte Chemie 91 (7), pp. 571 - 573 (1979)
Journal Article
Birr, C.; Pipkorn, R.: Fully active insulin by selective formation of the disulfide bridges between a synthetic A-chain and natural B-chain. Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English 18 (7), pp. 536 - 538 (1979)
Journal Article
Birr, C.; Nassal, M.; Pipkorn, R.: Preparative merits of the mixed anhydride (MA) method in the excess use of DDZ-amino acids in the peptide synthesis of biologically active new antamanide analogues. International journal of peptide and protein research 13 (3), pp. 287 - 295 (1979)

Book Chapter (5)

Book Chapter
Birr, C.; Krück, I.; Pipkorn, R.; Voss, C.: Recycling of excess peptides from fragment condensation with Carbonlydiimidazole/I-Hydroxybenzotriazole activation. In: Peptides 1982, pp. 145 - 148. de Gruyter, Berlin [u.a.] (1983)
Book Chapter
Pipkorn, R.; Birr, C.; Schmidt, M.; Weigand, K.: Methodological studies on gel phase syntheses of the arginine rich propeptide extension of proalbumin. In: Peptides 1982, pp. 233 - 236 (Ed. Bláha, K.). de Gruyter, Berlin [u.a.] (1983)
Book Chapter
Birr, C.; Pipkorn, R.; Gattner, H.-G.; Häring, H.-U.: Fully active semisynthetic insulin by selective formation of the disulfidebridges as an intermedian result of the total synthesis by fragment condensation on gel phase. In: Insulin, pp. 51 - 58 (Ed. Brandenburg, D.). de Gruyter, Berlin [u.a.] (1980)
Book Chapter
Birr, C.; Ximenez, C.; Pipkorn, R.; Werner, I.: Peptide attachment to 1-bromo-2-oxoethyl polystyrene, supports and degradation experiences. In: Methods in peptide and protein sequence analysis, pp. 83 - 88 (Ed. Birr, C.). Elsevier, Amsterdam [u.a.] (1980)
Book Chapter
Birr, C.; Pipkorn, R.: Total synthesis on gel-phase of the insulin A chain by fragment condensation and its selective Di-Sulfide bridging to from insulin. In: Peptides 1978, pp. 625 - 629 (Ed. Siemon, I. Z.). Technical University Press, Wroclaw (1979)
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