Publications of Jonas Wilhelm

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Journal Article
Kompa, J.; Bruins, J.; Glogger, M.; Wilhelm, J.; Frei, M. S.; Tarnawski, M.; D´Este, E.; Heilemann, M.; Hiblot, J.; Johnsson, K.: Exchangeable HaloTag ligands for super-resolution fluorescence microscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society 145 (5), pp. 3075 - 3083 (2022)
Journal Article
Wilhelm, J.; Kühn, S.; Tarnawski, M.; Gotthard, G.; Tünnermann, J.; Tänzer, T.; Karpenko, J.; Mertes, N.; Xue, L.; Uhrig, U. et al.; Reinstein, J.; Hiblot, J.; Johnsson, K.: Kinetic and structural characterization of the self-labeling protein tags HaloTag7, SNAP-tag, and CLIP-tag. Biochemistry 60 (33), pp. 2560 - 2575 (2021)
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