Publications of Martin Kollmar

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Journal Article
Kollmar, M.; Dürrwang, U.; Kliche, W.; Manstein, D. J.; Kull, F. J.: Crystal structure of the motor domain of a class-I myosin. EMBO Journal 21 (11), pp. 2517 - 2525 (2002)
Journal Article
Kollmar, M.; Goldfuss, B.; Reggelin, M.; Rominger, F.; Helmchen, G.: (Phosphanyloxazoline)palladium complexes, part I: (η3-1,3-Dialkylallyl)(phosphanyloxazoline)palladium complexes: X-Ray crystallographic studies, NMR investigations, and quantum-chemical calculations. Chemistry – A European Journal 7 (22), pp. 4913 - 4927 (2001)
Journal Article
Kliche, W.; Fujita-Becker, S.; Kollmar, M.; Manstein, D. J.; Kull, F. J.: Structure of a genetically engineered molecular motor. EMBO Journal 20 (1), pp. 40 - 46 (2001)
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