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Journal Article
Korpi, E. R.; Kuner, T.; Kristo, P.; Köhler, M.; Herb, A.; Lüddens, H.; Seeburg, P. H.: Small N-Terminal Deletion by Splicing in Cerebellar α6 Subunit Abolishes GABAA Receptor Function. Journal of Neurochemistry: official journal of the International Society for Neurochemistry 63 (3), pp. 1167 - 1170 (1994)
Journal Article
Köhler, M.; Kornau, H. C.; Seeburg, P. H.: The organization of the gene for the functionally dominant alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methylisoxazole-4-propionic acid receptor subunit GluR-B. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 269 (26), pp. 17367 - 7370 (1994)
Journal Article
Schöpfer, R.; Monyer, H.; Sommer, B.; Wisden, W.; Sprengel, R.; Kuner, T.; Lomeli, H.; Herb, A.; Köhler, M.; Burnashev, N. et al.; Günther, W.; Ruppersberg, J. P.; Seeburg, P. H.: Molecular biology of glutamate receptors. Progress in Neurobiology 42 (2), pp. 353 - 357 (1994)
Journal Article
Higuchi, M.; Single, F. N.; Köhler, M.; Sommer, B.; Sprengel, R.; Seeburg, P. H.: RNA editing of AMPA receptor subunit GluR-B: A base-paired intron-exon structure determines position and efficiency. Cell 75 (7), pp. 1361 - 1370 (1993)
Journal Article
Köhler, M.; Burnashev, N.; Sakmann, B.; Seeburg, P. H.: Determinants of Ca2+ permeability in both TM1 and TM2 of high affinity kainate receptor channels: diversity by RNA editing. Neuron 10 (3), pp. 491 - 500 (1993)
Journal Article
Lomeli, H.; Wisden, W.; Köhler, M.; Keinänen, K.; Sommer, B.; Seeburg, P. H.: High-affinity kainate and domoate receptors in rat brain. FEBS Letters 307 (2), pp. 139 - 143 (1992)
Journal Article
Sommer, B.; Köhler, M.; Sprengel, R.; Seeburg, P. H.: RNA editing in brain controls a determinant of ion flow in glutamate-gated channels. Cell 67 (1), pp. 11 - 19 (1991)
Journal Article
Sommer, B.; Keinänen, K.; Verdoorn, T. A.; Wisden, W.; Burnashev, N.; Herb, A.; Köhler, M.; Takagi, T.; Sakmann, B.; Seeburg, P. H.: Flip and flop: a cell-specific functional switch in glutamate-operated channels of the CNS. Science 249 (4976), pp. 1580 - 1585 (1990)
Journal Article
Lüddens, H.; Pritchett, D. B.; Köhler, M.; Killisch, I.; Keinänen, K.; Monyer, H.; Sprengel, R.; Seeburg, P. H.: Cerebellar GABAA receptor selective for a behavioural alcohol antagonist. Nature 346, pp. 648 - 651 (1990)
Journal Article
Ymer, S.; Draguhn, A.; Köhler, M.; Schofield, P. R.; Seeburg, P. H.: Sequence and expression of a novel GABAA receptor alpha subunit. FEBS Letters 258 (1), pp. 119 - 122 (1989)
Journal Article
Shivers, B. D.; Killisch, I.; Sprengel, R.; Sontheimer, H.; Köhler, M.; Schofield, P. R.; Seeburg, P. H.: Two novel GABAA receptor subunits exist in distinct neuronal subpopulations. Neuron 3 (3), pp. 327 - 337 (1989)
Journal Article
McFarland, K. C.; Sprengel, R.; Phillips, H. S.; Köhler, M.; Rosemblit, N.; Nikolics, K.; Segaloff, D. L.; Seeburg, P. H.: Lutropin-choriogonadotropin receptor: an unusual member of the G protein-coupled receptor family. Science 245 (4917), pp. 494 - 499 (1989)
Journal Article
Ymer, S.; Schofield, P. R.; Draguhn, A.; Werner, P.; Köhler, M.; Seeburg, P. H.: GABAA receptor beta subunit heterogeneity: functional expression of cloned cDNAs. EMBO Journal 8 (6), pp. 1665 - 1670 (1989)
Journal Article
Levitan, E. S.; Schofield, P. R.; Burt, D. R.; Rhee, L. M.; Wisden, W.; Köhler, M.; Rodriguez, H. F.; Stevenson, F. A.; Darlison, M. G.; Barnard, E. A. et al.; Seeburg, P. H.: Structural and functional basis for GABAA receptor heterogeneity. Nature 335, pp. 76 - 79 (1988)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Köhler, M.: Pre-mRNA editing of glutamate receptors in the central nervous system generates molecular and functional diversity. Dissertation, Any puplisher pp. (1993)

Thesis - Diploma (1)

Thesis - Diploma
Köhler, M.: Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel subnunit family of the GABAA receptor. Diploma, Any Publisher, Heidelberg (1988)
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