Departmental Groups

Cellular Biophysics and Engineering (Joachim P. Spatz)
Cellular Biophysics, Synthetic Bottom-Up Assembly of Cells, Molecular and Materials Systems Engineering - Find information about the different projects here. more
Heike Böhm: GlycoScience of CellularBiophysics
We're taking a cross-disciplinary approach, combining chemistry, biophysics, and materials science, to unlock the secrets of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) interactions. By designing novel interfaces, we're enhancing cellular interactions and gaining new insights into the complexities of GAG interactions. more
Ada Cavalcanti-Adam: Growth Factor Mechanobiology
The goal of the group is to determine how nanoscale features of the extracellular environment control cell function. We focus on the spatial regulation of integrin receptor clustering and on the cross talk with other transmembrane receptors. more
Ralf Kemkemer: Cell Mechanics and Migration
We are interested in biophysical aspects of dynamic cellular reorganizations, in the development of cell-type specific biomaterials, and in cellular controller systems. more
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