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    Donthamsetti, P. C.; Broichhagen, J.; Vyklicky, V.; Stanley, C.; Fu, Z.; Visel, M.; Levitz, J. L.; Javitch, J. A.; Trauner, D.; Isacoff, E. Y.: Genetically-targeted optical control of an endogenous G protein-coupled receptor. Journal of the American Chemical Society e-pup, 895, pp. 1 - 11 (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Wang, L.; Frei, M. S.; Salim, A.; Johnsson, K.: Small-molecule fluorescent probes for live-cell super-resolution microscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (7), pp. 2770 - 2781 (2019)
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    Sundukova, M.; Prifti, E.; Bucci, A.; Kirillova, K.; Serrao, J.; Reymond, L.; Umebayashi, M.; Hovius, R.; Riezman, H.; Johnsson, K. et al.; Heppenstall, P. A.: A chemogenetic approach for the optical monitoring of voltage in neurons. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2019 (58) (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Frank, J. A.; Broichhagen, J.; Yushchenko, D. A.; Trauner, D.; Schultz, C.; Hodson, D. J.: Optical tools for understanding the complexity of β-cell signalling and insulin release. Nature Reviews Endocrinology 14, pp. 721 - 737 (2018)
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    Cronin, S. J. F.; Seehus, C.; Weidinger, A.; Talbot, S.; Reissig, S.; Seifert, M.; Pierson, Y.; McNeill, E.; Longhi, M. S.; Turnes, B. L. et al.; Kreslavsky, T.; Kogler, M.; Hoffmann, D.; Ticevic, M.; da Scheffer, D. L.; Tortola, L.; Cikes, D.; Jais, A.; Rangachari, M.; Rao, S.; Paolino, M.; Novatchkova, M.; Aichinger, M.; Barrett, L.; Latremoliere, A.; Wirnsberger, G.; Lametschwandtner, G.; Busslinger, M.; Zicha, S.; Latini, A.; Robson, S. C.; Waisman, A.; Andrews, N.; Costigan, M.; Channon, K. M.; Weiss, G.; Kozlov, A. V.; Tebbe, M.; Johnsson, K.; Woolf, C. J.; Penninger, J. M.: The metabolite BH4 controls T cell proliferation in autoimmunity and cancer. Nature 563, pp. 564 - 568 (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Ast, J.; Podewin, T.; Arvaniti, A.; Fine, N. H.; Stamataki, Z.; Broichhagen, J.; Johnsson, K.; Hodson, D. J.: Bright and specific far-red labels for visualizing endogenous glucagon-like peptide-1 receptors. Endocrine Abstracts (59), p. P106 (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Yu, Q.; Xue, L.; Hiblot, J.; Griss , R.; Fabritz, S.; Roux, C.; Binz, P.-A.; Haas, D.; Okun, J. G.; Johnsson, K.: Semisynthetic sensor proteins enable metabolic assays at the point of care. Science 361 (6407), pp. 1122 - 1126 (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Farrants, H.; Gutzeit, V. A.; Ruiz, A. A.; Trauner, D.; Johnsson, K.; Levitz, J.; Broichhagen, J.: SNAP-tagged nanobodies enable reversible optical control of a G protein-coupled receptor via a remotely tethered photoswitchable ligand. ACS Chemical Biology 13 (9), pp. 2682 - 2688 (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Karch, S.; Broichhagen, J.; Schneider, J.; Böning, D.; Hartmann, S.; Schmid, B.; Tripal, P.; Palmisano, R.; Alzheimer, C.; Johnsson, K. et al.; Huth, T.: A new fluorogenic small molecule labeling tool for surface diffusion analysis and advanced fluorescence imaging of β-site amyloid precursor protein (APP)-cleaving enzyme 1 based on silicone rhodamine: SiR-BACE1. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 61 (14), pp. 6121 - 6139 (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Sallin , O.; Reymond, L.; Gondrand , C.; Raith , F.; Koch , B.; Johnsson, K.: Semisynthetic biosensors for mapping cellular concentrations of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides. eLife 7, pp. 1 - 52 (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Dhandapani, R.; Arokiaraj, C. M.; Taberner, F. J.; Pacifico, P.; Raja, S.; Nocchi, L.; Portulano, C.; Franciosa, F.; Maffei, M.; Hussain, A. F. et al.; de Reis, F. C.; Reymond, L.; Perlas, E.; Garcovich, S.; Barth, S.; Johnsson, K.; Lechner, S. G.; Heppenstall, P. A.: Control of mechanical pain hypersensitivity in mice through ligand-targeted photoablation of TrkB-positive sensory neurons. Nature Communications 2018 (9) (2018)
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    Journal Article
    Hiblot, J.; Yu, Q.; Sabbadini , M. D.B.; Reymond, L.; Xue, L.; Schena , A.; Sallin , O.; Hill , N.; Griss , R.; Johnsson, K.: Luciferases with tunable emission wavelengths. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition in English 56 (46), pp. 14556 - 14560 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Bick, M. J.; Greisen, P. J.; Morey, K. J.; Antunes, M. S.; La, D.; Sankaran, B.; Reymond, L.; Johnsson, K.; Medford, J. I.; Baker, D.: Computational design of environmental sensors for the potent opioid fentanyl. eLife 6 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Scarabelli, S.; Tan, K. T.; Griss, R.; Hovius, R.; D’Alessandro, P. L.; Vorherr, T.; Johnsson, K.: Evaluating cellular drug Uptake with fluorescent sensor proteins. Journal of the American Chemical Society, pp. A - G (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Jones, B. J.; Scopelliti, R.; Tomas, A.; Bloom, S. R.; Hodson, D. J.; Broichhagen, J.: Potent prearranged positive allosteric modulators of the glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor. ChemistryOpen 6 (4), pp. 501 - 505 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Xue , L.; Yu , Q.; Griss , R.; Schena , A.; Johnsson, K.: Bioluminescent antibodies for point-of-care diagnostics. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (25), pp. 7112 - 7116 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Mehta, Z. B.; Johnston, N. R.; Nguyen-Tu, M.-S.; Broichhagen, J.; Schultz, P.; Larner, D. P.; Leclerc, I.; Trauner, D.; Rutter, G. A.; Hodson, D. J.: Remote control of glucose homeostasis in vivo using photopharmacology. Scientific Reports 7 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Farrants , H.; Hiblot, J.; Griss , R.; Johnsson, K.: Rational design and applications of semisynthetic modular biosensors: SNIFITs and LUCIDs. Methods in Molecular Biology 1596 , pp. 101 - 117 (2017)

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    Book Chapter
    Acosta-Ruiz, A.; Broichhagen, J.; Levitz, J.: Optical Regulation of Class C GPCRs by Photoswitchable Orthogonal Remotely Tethered Ligands. In: G Protein-Coupled Receptor Signaling, pp. 103 - 136 (Ed. Tiberi, M.). Springer New York, New York, NY (2019)
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