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<strong>Another step towards synthetic cells</strong>

Scientists at the MPI for Medical Research and University Stuttgart introduce functional DNA-based cytoskeletons into cell-sized compartments. When the cytoskeletons were incorporated into synthetic droplets, the researchers could show functionality such as transport of molecules. The results were recently published in Nature Chemistry.


Otto Hahn Medal for Marie Luise Grünbein

Dr. Marie Luise Grünbein earned her PhD in the department of Biomolecular Mechanisms under the guidance of Dr. Bruce Doak and Dr. Ilme Schlichting, while she was a member of the FEL group there. She receives this award for fundamental insights into the possibilities and limitations of structural biology using X-ray lasers.

Tuning the properties of drug carries to improve lifetime and distribution in patient’s bodies

Changing the elasticity of nanogels that can be used as a carriers for the administration of various drugs in patients suffering from medical conditions like cancer improves their circulation time by evading immune cells. Those findings by scientists at the MPIMR and RWTH Aachen were recently published in Angewandte Chemie. more

Building synthetic virus particles to study SARS-CoV-2

Researchers at the MPIMR and the University of Bristol use bottom-up synthetic biology to create minimalistic SARS-CoV-2 virions and discover the Spike protein switching mechanism. more

Kai Johnsson awarded with Hansen Family Award in Medical Sciences

The MPIMR director receives this honor for his seminal work establishing distinct approaches to protein labelling in living cells that have enabled broad advances in chemical and cell biology. more

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