Journal Article (25)

Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
Bannikova, S.; Zorov, D. B.; Shoeman, R. L.; Tolstonog, G. V.; Traub, P.: Stability and association with the cytomatrix of mitochondrial DNA in spontaneously immortalized mouse embryo fibroblasts containing or lacking the intermediate filament protein vimentin. DNA and Cell Biology 24 (11), pp. 710 - 735 (2005)
Journal Article
Kamada, D.; Okumoto, K.; Sugimura, A.; Luckhurst, G. R.; Timimi, B. A.; Zimmermann, H.: Field-induced director alignment for 4-nonyl-4'-cyano-biphenyl near the smectic A - nematic transition. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 441 (1), pp. 131 - 141 (2005)

Book Chapter (4)

Book Chapter
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Book Chapter
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Book Chapter
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Book Chapter
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