Main Focus

 The cytoskeleton plays a primary role in controlling the motility, components supply, function and shape of cells. Due to their complex morphology, neuronal cells have unique cytoskeletal features, which support the functions of each subcellular compartment. My main interest is to investigate the nanoscale organization of the cytoskeleton in these different neuronal compartments within the context of neuronal activity.
Due to the small size of the neuronal compartments studied, advanced optical nanoscopy techniques capable of achieving the highest spatial resolution are necessary (e.g. STED, MINFLUX). Those techniques require the implementation of innovative labeling strategies for the visualization of the proteins of interest are required. Therefore, I am working in close collaboration with chemists and chemical biologist to develop and implement new labeling strategies unlocking the potentials of optical nanoscopy and enabling the visualization of unprecedented neuronal processes.

Selected Publications
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