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Journal Article (7)

Journal Article
Arnold, M.; Schwieder, M.; Blümmel, J.; Cavalcanti-Adam, E. A.; López-Garcia, M.; Kessler, H.; Geiger, B.; Spatz, J. P.: Cell interactions with hierarchically structured nano-patterned adhesive surfaces. Soft Matter 5 (1), pp. 72 - 77 (2009)
Journal Article
Hirschfeld-Warneken, V. C.; Arnold, M.; Cavalcanti-Adam, A.; López-García, M.; Kessler, H.; Spatz, J. P.: Cell adhesion and polarisation on molecularly defined spacing gradient surfaces of cyclic RGDfK peptide patches. European Journal of Cell Biology: EJCB 87 (8-9), pp. 743 - 750 (2008)
Journal Article
Arnold, M.; Hirschfeld-Warneken, V. C.; Lohmueller, T.; Heil, P.; Blümmel, J.; Cavalcanti-Adam, E. A.; López-García, M.; Walther, P.; Kessler, H.; Geiger, B. et al.; Spatz, J. P.: Induction of cell polarization and migration by a gradient of nanoscale variations in adhesive ligand spacing. Nano Letters 8 (7), pp. 2063 - 2069 (2008)
Journal Article
Glass, R.; Arnold, M.; Cavalcanti-Adam, E. A.; Blümmel, J.; Haferkemper, C.; Dodd, C.; Spatz, J. P.: Block copolymer micelle nanolithography on non-conductive substrates. New Journal of Physics 6, pp. 101 - 118 (2004)
Journal Article
Zimerman, B.; Arnold, M.; Ulmer, J.; Blümmel, J.; Besser, A.; Spatz, J. P.; Geiger, B.: Formation of focal adhesion-stress fibre complexes coordinated by adhesive and non-adhesive surface domains. IEE Proceedings-Nanobiotechnology 151 (2), pp. 62 - 66 (2004)
Journal Article
Arnold, M.; Cavalcanti-Adam, E. A.; Glass, R.; Blümmel, J.; Eck, W.; Kantlehner, M.; Kessler, H.; Spatz, J. P.: Activation of integrin function by nanopatterned adhesive interfaces. ChemPhysChem 5 (3), pp. 383 - 388 (2004)
Journal Article
Glass, R.; Arnold, M.; Blümmel, J.; Küller, A.; Möller, M.; Spatz, J. P.: Micro-nanostructured interfaces fabricated by the use of inorganic block copolymer micellar monolayers as negative resist for electron beam lithography. Advanced Functional Materials 13 (7), pp. 569 - 575 (2003)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Arnold, M.: Molecularly defined nanostructured interfaces as tools for the regulation and measurement of functional length scales in cell adhesion mediating protein clusters. Dissertation, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg (2005)
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