Publications of Wouter Roos

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Journal Article
Haraszti, T.; Schulz, S.; Uhrig, K.; Kurre, R.; Roos, W.; Schmitz, C. H. J.; Curtis, J. E.; Maier, T.; Clemen, A. E.-M.; Spatz, J. P.: Biomimetic models of the actin cortex. Biophysical Reviews and Letters 4 (1&2), pp. 17 - 32 (2009)
Journal Article
Roos, W.; Campàs, O.; Montel, F.; Woehlke, G.; Spatz, J. P.; Bassereau, P.; Cappello, G.: Dynamic kinesin-1 clustering on microtubules due to mutually attractive interactions. Physical Biology 5 (4), 046004, pp. 1 - 10 (2008)
Journal Article
Mohrdieck, C.; Dalmas, F.; Arzt, E.; Tharmann, R.; Claessens, M. M. A. E.; Bausch, A. R.; Roth, A.; Sackmann, E.; Schmitz, C. H. J.; Curtis, J. E. et al.; Roos, W.; Schulz, S.; Uhrig, K.; Spatz, J. P.: Biomimetic models of the actin cytoskeleton. Small 3 (6), pp. 1015 - 1022 (2007)
Journal Article
Kodali, V. K.; Roos, W.; Spatz, J. P.; Curtis, J. E.: Cell-assisted assembly of colloidal crystallites. Soft Matter 3, pp. 337 - 348 (2007)
Journal Article
Roos, W.; Ulmer, J.; Gräter, S.; Surrey, T.; Spatz, J. P.: Microtubule gliding and crosslinked microtubule networks on micro-pillar interfaces. Nano Letters 5 (12), pp. 2630 - 2634 (2005)
Journal Article
Mohrdieck, C.; Wanner, A.; Roos, W.; Roth, A.; Sackmann, E.; Spatz, J. P.; Arzt, E.: A theoretical description of elastic pillar substrates in biophysical experiments. ChemPhysChem 6 (8), pp. 1492 - 1498 (2005)
Journal Article
Roos, W.; Roth, A.; Konle, J.; Presting, H.; Sackmann, E.; Spatz, J. P.: Freely suspended actin cortex models on arrays of microfabricated pillars. ChemPhysChem 4 (8), pp. 872 - 877 (2003)
Journal Article
Haupt, M.; Ladenburger, A.; Sauer, R.; Thonke, K.; Glass, R.; Roos, W.; Spatz, J. P.; Rauscher, H.; Riethmüller, S.; Möller, M.: Ultraviolet-emitting ZnO nanowhiskers prepared by a vapor transport process on prestructured surfaces with self-assembled polymers. Journal of Applied Physics 93 (10), pp. 6252 - 6257 (2003)
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