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Journal Article
Schweitzer, D.; Polychroniadis, K.; Klutz, T.; Keller, H. J.; Hennig, I.; Hennen, I.; Haeberlen, U.; Gogu, E.; Gärtner, S.: Superconductivity at ambient pressure in BEDT-TTF radical salts. Synthetic Metals 27 (1-2), pp. A465 - A472 (1988)
Journal Article
Gogu, E.; Schweitzer, D.; Keller, H.: Critical fields of the ambient pressure stable superconducting state at 8K of the organic metal αt-(BEDTsingle bondTTF)2I3. Physica C-Superconductivity and its Applications 153–155 (1), pp. 491 - 492 (1988)
Journal Article
Gärtner, S.; Gogu, E.; Heinen, I.; Keller, H.J.; Klutz, T.; Schweitzer, D.: Superconductivity at 10 K and ambient pressure in the organic metal (BEDT - TTF)2Cu(SCN)2. Solid State Communications 65 (12), pp. 1531 - 1534 (1988)
Journal Article
Forró, L.; Schweitzer, D.; Keller, H.: The effect of disorder on the conduction electron spin resonance linewidth of the α and β phases of (BEDT-TTF)2I3. Solid State Communications 64 (5), pp. 771 - 774 (1987)
Journal Article
Bender, K.; Endres , H.; Gärtner, S.; Gogu, E.; Heid , R.; Heinen, I.; Keller, H. J.; Kraatz, A.; Schweitzer, D.: Radical cation salts of an unsymmetrical BEDT-TTF derivative: DIMET. Synthetic Metals 19 (1-3), pp. 559 - 564 (1987)
Journal Article
Forro, L.; Cooper, R.; Rothaemel, B.; Schilling, J.S.; Weger, M.; Schweitzer, D.; Keller, H.J.; Bechgaard, K.: Pressure effect on the magnetic susceptibility of low dimensional organic conductors ∝, β- (BEDT-TTF)2I3 and (TMTSF)2X (X = ClO4, PF6, ReO4). Synthetic Metals 19 (1-3), pp. 339 - 346 (1987)
Journal Article
Przybylski, M.; Helberg, H.W.; Schweitzer, D.; Keller, H.J.: Frequency-dependent conductivity in pure and iodine-doped α- (BEDT-TTF)2I3. Synthetic Metals 19 (1-3), pp. 191 - 196 (1987)
Journal Article
Forró, L.; Sekretarczyk, G.; Krupski, M.; Schweitzer, D.; Keller, H.: Pressure dependence of the conduction-electron-spin-resonance linewidth of the α and β phases of di-bis(ethylene- diothiolo)tetrathiafulvalene triiodide. Physical Review B 35 (5), pp. 2501 - 2504 (1987)
Journal Article
Hamzic, B.; Creuzet, G.; Schweitzer, D.; Keller, H. J.: Thermal expansion of the organic conductor β-(BEDT-TTF)2I3. Solid State Communications 60 (9), pp. 763 - 766 (1986)
Journal Article
Schweitzer, D.; Bender, K.; Endres , H.; Gärtner, S.; Heid , R.; Heinen, I.; Keller, H. J.; Weber , A.; Weger , M.: Radical cation salts of BEDT-TTF and an unsymmetrical BEDT-TTF derivative. Physica B-Condensed Matter 143 (1-3), pp. 285 - 289 (1986)
Journal Article
Rothaemel, B.; Forró, L.; Cooper, J. R.; Schilling, J. S.; Weger, M.; Bele, P.; Brunner, H.; Schweitzer, D.; Keller, H. J.: Magnetic susceptibility of α and β phases of di[bis(ethylenediothiolo)tetrathiafulvalene] tri-iodide [(BEDT−TTF)2I3] under pressure. Physical Review B 34 (2), pp. 704 - 712 (1986)
Journal Article
Creuzet, F.; Bourbonnais, C.; Jerome, D.; Schweitzer, D.; Keller, H. J.: Proton NMR Relaxation in the High-Tc Organic Superconductor β-(BEDT-TTF)2I3. EPL 1 (9), pp. 467 - 472 (1986)
Journal Article
Creuzet, F.; Jerome, D.; Schweitzer, D.; Keller, H. J.: The High-Tc Superconducting State of β-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 at Atmospheric Pressure: Bulk Superconductivity and Metastability. EPL 1 (9), pp. 461 - 466 (1986)
Journal Article
Creuzet, F.; Creuzet, G.; Jérome, D.; Schweitzer, D.; Keller, H. J.: Homogeneous superconducting state at 8.1 K under ambient pressure in the organic conductor β-(BEDT-TTF)2I3. Journal de Physique. Colloques 46 (22), pp. L1079 - L1085 (1985)
Journal Article
Brunner, H.; Hausser, K. H.; Keller, H. J.; Schweitzer, D.: Overhauser effect experiments on the one-dimensional conductor. Solid State Communications 51 (2), pp. 107 - 109 (1984)
Journal Article
Bender, K.; Schweitzer, D.; Keller, H. J.: Electric conductivity and thermopower of quasi one-dimensional (perylene)2(AsF6)0.75(PF6)0.35•0.85CH2Cl2 crystals. Journal de Physique. Colloques 44 (C3), pp. 1433 - 1436 (1983)
Journal Article
Wilckens, R.; Geserich, H. P.; Ruppel, W.; Koch, P.; Schweitzer, D.; Keller, H. J.: Spectral reflectance of the one-dimensional organic metals (perylene)2(PF6)1.1 × 0.8CH2Cl2 and (perylene)2(AsF6)1.1 × 0.7CH2Cl2. Solid State Communications 41 (8), pp. 615 - 618 (1982)
Journal Article
Dietz, K.; Flandrois, S.; Keller, H. J.; Koch, P.; Queckbörner, J.; Schweitzer, D.: Doped dialkylated phenazines: A novel series of highly conducting organic solids. Chemica Scripta 17, pp. 93 - 94 (1981)
Journal Article
Keller, H. J.; Nöthe, D.; Pritzkow, H.; Wehe, D.; Harms, R. H.; Koch, P.; Schweitzer, D.: Electrochemical synthesis of new one-dimensional metals: radical salts of perylene. Chemica Scripta 17, pp. 101 - 102 (1981)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Grimm, H.; Schweitzer, D.; Hausser, K. H.; Keller, H. J.: ODMR of triplet states of organic electron donors. In: 23. Congress Ampere on magnetic resonance, pp. 228 - 229. Istituto superiore di sanita, Roma s (1986)
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