Using the Library

Using the Library

The library of the Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research is a reference library containing specialized scientific literature. The holdings of the library - about 62,000 volumes of scientific journals and about 7,000 monographs - are situated in three main locations: the library, the stacks and the scientific departments. Holdings in the library itself can be fetched by users themselves; for the other locations it is necessary to contact the library team.

Members of the Institute can borrow books for use within the institute by
using the Selfcheck machine in the library. Guests cannot borrow any books or
periodicals from the library, but can make copies in the library office.

In the library users have two PCs and two MACs at their disposal; users can
study in the library using one of twelve desk spaces. Guests of the Institute
must sign a Visitors’ Book in the library office before using the library.

Public WLAN for Visitors and Guests

For Guests and Visitors, a Public WLAN is provided in the Library Reading Room; therewith, WWW as well as Email Services can be used.

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