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Institute's Library Catalogue (Aleph)

The Aleph Library Catalog lists data on all monographs, serials, CD-ROMs and journals stored in the library itself or in the library's store in the Max-Planck-House.

MPS e-book Catalogue (Aleph)

Central catalogue of e-books of the MPS. All central licenced e-books of the MPS are recorded here. These books are e.g. included in the eBooks catalogue:

  • BioOne
  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
  • Credo Reference
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Gale virtual reference library
  • Int. tables for crystallography
  • Netlibrary, Inc. (Aggregator)
  • OECD Publishing
  • Oxford English Dictionary
  • Oxford Reference Online
  • RÖMPP Online
  • Safari Tech Books Online
  • SPIE Conference Proceedings
  • Springer Chemistry and Material Science
  • Springer Medicine
  • Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science
  • Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics
  • Springer Lecture Notes in Physics
  • Springer Protocols
  • Wiley Online Books
  • Wiley Reference Works

More licenced e-books will follow.

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