Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Sprengel, R.; Kaleta, E. F.; Will, H.: Isolation and characterization of a hepatitis B virus endemic in herons. Journal of Virology 62 (10), pp. 3832 - 3839 (1988)
Journal Article
Schödel, F.; Weimer, T.; Will, H.; Sprengel, R.: Letter to the editor: amino acid sequence similarity between retroviral and E. coli RNase H and hepadnaviral gene products. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 4 (6), pp. ix - xi (1988)
Journal Article
Sprengel, R.; Will, H.: Duck hepatitis B virus. Developments in veterinary virology 6, pp. 336 - 386 (1988)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Sprengel, R.; Fernholz, D.; Schneider, R.; Tu, Z. X.; Schödel, F.; Weimer, T.; Kaleta, E. F.; Will, H.: Hepatitis B Viren bei Enten, Gänsen und Graureihern: Epidemiologie, Diagnostik und Pathogenese. VI. [Sechste] Tagung über Vogelkrankheiten 6, pp. 176 - 187 (1988)
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