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Jensen, V.; Kaiser, K.; Borchardt, T.; Adelmann, G.; Rozov, A.; Burnashev, N.; Brix, C.; Frotscher, M.; Andersen, P.; Hvalby, Ø. et al.; Sakmann, B.; Seeburg, P. H.; Sprengel, R.: A juvenile form of postsynaptic hippocampal long-term potentiation in mice deficient for the AMPA receptor subunit GluR-A. The Journal of Physiology - London 553 (3), pp. 843 - 856 (2003)
Journal Article
Köhr, G.; Jensen, V.; Köster, H. J.; Mihaljevic, A.; Utvik, J. K.; Kvello, A.; Ottersen, O. P.; Seeburg, P. H.; Sprengel, R.; Hvalby, Ø.: Intracellular domains of the NMDA receptor subtypes are determinants for long-term potentiation induction. The Journal of Neuroscience 23 (34), pp. 10791 - 10799 (2003)
Journal Article
Fleischmann, A.; Hvalby, Ø.; Jensen, V.; Strekalova, T.; Zacher, C.; Layer, L.; Kvello, A.; Reschke, M.; Spanagel, R.; Sprengel, R. et al.; Wagner, E. F.; Gass, P.: Impaired long-term memory and NR2A-type NMDA receptor-dependent synaptic plasticity in mice lacking c-Fos in the CNS. The Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience 23 (27), pp. 9116 - 9122 (2003)
Journal Article
Andrásfalvy, B. K.; Smith, M. A.; Borchardt, T.; Sprengel, R.; Magee, J. C.: Impaired regulation of synaptic strength in hippocampal neurons from GluR1-deficient mice. The Journal of Physiology - London 552 (1), pp. 35 - 45 (2003)
Journal Article
Cowen, M. S.; Schroff, K. C.; Gass, P.; Sprengel, R.; Spanagel, R.: Neurobehavioral effects of alcohol in AMPA receptor subunit (GluR1) deficient mice. Neuropharmacology 45 (3), pp. 325 - 333 (2003)
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