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Shimshek, D. R.; Bus, T.; Kim, J.-H.; Mihaljevic, A.; Mack, V.; Seeburg, P. H.; Sprengel, R.; Schaefer, A. T.: Enhanced odor discrimination and impaired olfactory memory by spatially controlled switch of AMPA Receptors. PLoS Biology 3 (11), 354, pp. 2017 - 2030 (2005)
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Reisel, D.; Bannerman, D. M.; Deacon, R. M. J.; Sprengel, R.; Seeburg, P. H.; Rawlins, J. N. P.: GluR-A-dependent synaptic plasticity is required for the temporal encoding of nonspatial information. Behav. Neurosci. 119 (5), pp. 1298 - 1306 (2005)
Journal Article
Johnson, A. W.; Bannerman, D. M.; Rawlins, J. N. P.; Sprengel, R.; Good, M. A.: Impaired outcome-specific devaluation of instrumental responding in mice with a targeted deletion of the AMPA receptor glutamate receptor 1 subunit. The Journal of Neuroscience 25 (9), pp. 2359 - 2365 (2005)
Journal Article
Schmitt, W. B.; Sprengel, R.; Mack, V.; Draft, R.; Seeburg, P. H.; Deacon, R. M. J.; Rawlins, J. N. P.; Bannerman, D. M.: Restoration of spatial working memory by genetic rescue of GluR-A-deficient mice. Nature Neuroscience 8 (3), pp. 270 - 272 (2005)

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Celikel, T.; Bosch, V.; Sprengel, R.; Sakmann, B.: Functional role of fast excitatory transmission in the somatosensory cortex. Society of Neuroscience meeting (2005)
Celikel, T.; Marx, V.; Sprengel, R.: Phosphorylation of GluR-A containing neocortical AMPA receptors is required for intact object recognition. 6th Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society (2005)
Zhu, P.; Hasan, M. T.; Seeburg, P. H.; Sprengel, R.: Restrictive expression of improved tetracycline-responsive activator in mouse brain. Society for Neuroscience meeting (2005)
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